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2011/12/14 -
  • Uploaded revised versions of e-book 'Read It Now' Demo program and Paid program to correct minor problems caused by Internet Explorer.
2011/12/13 -
  • Converted website pages to utilize the 'Google Translation Widget' for language translation.
2011/12/12 -
  • Language translation: Is no longer supported because of cost.
2011/12/11 -
  • Uploaded version two of the Merchandise index page and associated image files. Revised control databases to synchronize with version two of merchandise index.
2011/11/13 -
  • Updated the Merchandise index page and created the OTR Publications store at Zazzle.com. Additional merchandise and photographs coming soon..!
2011/11/12 -
  • Added issue one of the newsletter.
2011/11/10 -
  • Uploaded and connected the new version of the website.
2011/10/26 -
  • Added the Read It Now ..! feature to the E-books section, and updated other web pages to connect with the new feature. This is a MASSIVE update and something visitors should really enjoy. Check it out and have fun..!
2011/08/27 -
  • Updated the E-Books page to add image links for the 'Kindle Cloud Reader' and 'Kindle E-Books'. Added the 'Blog' sub-page to the Preface webpage.
2011/08/26 -
  • Revised the default entry page to "index.php" so that visitors may bookmark the website as http://otrpublications.com/
2011/08/25 -
  • Added sub-pages to the "Preface" webpage - "About Me", "Acknowledgements", "Comments", "Newsletter", "Updates List", and "Visitor Statistics".
2011/08/22 -
  • Uploaded the first installment of the new version of this website.

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