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Issue One ~ November 12, 2011
The design of this website is very simple and easy to understand and to navigate. This simplicity was intentional because I wanted to provide equal access to a diverse international community of visitors using an equally diverse assortment of web browsing devices and software. This simple website design does NOT imply or suggest that I think that my website visitors are simpletons and incapable of dealing with a more technically sophisticated and visually embellished page layout and internal structure and more complex control mechanisms. Rather, the design simply indicates my own failures to summon the patience and the effort to amass an all-inclusive technical expertise with which to comply with all of the "non-standard" idiosyncrasies inherent within our Internet-connected world. I offer the maxim "Simplicity is the epitome of elegance" for those who may be disappointed by my work product - this website - and, I suggest to those who may think that I am a simpleton... well, try to do all of this yourself and you might gain wonderful insights into all that I have just written. In summary, I adhere to the motto and philosophy of a previous employer (eg: AT&T)...

Universal Access

The content of this website - the writings, photographs, paintings, merchandise, software - are my creations, such as they are. I acknowledge that none of these (eg: my creations) would have been possible without the vast and diverse assortment of physical and non-physical resources created by others that have been required to support and to bring to fruition my simple creations. To those "other creators" . . . please accept my humble and sincere...

"Thank You..!"

This website may never be completed or finished because, in my opinion, that is actually antithetical and contrary to the very purpose of a website - to wit: a website is a constantly expanding and changing repository of media.

As of the above date, this website contains eight of my books and electronic books, and more than eight hundred photographs. I consider all of this content a "first installment" of media content. As you visit and explore these web pages, you will encounter web pages that are "Under Construction"... or, that appear to have very minimal and / or missing content. As time and priorities allow, construction will be continued and missing / additional media will be provided.

Perhaps I should confess a simple truth about myself, about my books and photographs, and about this website, using a restaurant analogy: I am the "chief cook, bottle and plate washer, waiter, table server, sommelier, restaurant owner, accountant, and janitor" . . . and all I really want to do for the rest of my life is to travel, photograph and write about whatever and wherever interests me. Developing this website was simply something that had to be self-taught, assimilated and perfected, as was all of the myriad details about book assembly, creation, printing and marketing. . . and, I have not mentioned writing and photography skills... and learning to use a plethora of diverse software... and at least partially mastering business and legal prerequisites.

Perhaps all of my "word rambling" has this purpose: to convey an autobiographical sketch, of sorts. You either like all of this; or, you do not. I sincerely care about your feelings and your investment of time on my website.

"Thank You..!"

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