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James W. Stanfield, Jr.

Author, Photographer, Publisher, Explorer

dba OTR Publications

My friends call me Jim. Please call me Jim. Thank you.

Welcome to my "business works" website. I hope you will enjoy your visit. I welcome your feedback and comments regarding this website and its content.

I created this website and almost everything that you will read, view, click, etc. Like most websites, I have a significant amount of free content, and a few products that I hope you will purchase.

I wish to acknowledge everyone who worked to create and to provide all of the services and products which I have used to present this website and its contents - without their efforts, none of this would be possible.

I am not a saint; however, the photo of 'Jim at prayer' is provided to share with you one of my favorite leisure activities - meditation and prayer. The older I become, the more I explore the world of ideas and thoughts, and less their physical manifestation. Perhaps the world of ideas is the greater reality.

Your purchases shall help to fund continuation of this website, continued development of my products, and my world travels - the 'source material' for most of my products. With your help, I shall continue to photograph, and to write about, this incredibly beautiful - and precious - Earth planet.

I hope you have fun and enjoy your visit..!

James W. Stanfield, Jr. ~ aka: "Just Jim"

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